The rBand is a wearable media remote control for your smartphone. It stands apart from other wearable tech since it is designed to be worn during extreme sports and glass touch screens are harder to access. It is a product that ran a campaign on Kickstarter that featured videos, graphic design and animated gifs to pitch the product to potential backers.


I was responsible for organizing video shoots and editing based off the clients script. This involved me traveling to Colorado to show the product being used on the slopes. I was also responsible for the logo design for the product and the company that distributes it.


Showing the product in action was highly important to the success of the Kickstarter. Equipped with my snowboard, I captured actions shots.


Full animated mobile phone mockups were created to offer a realistic preview of the product in action. Creating a mockup phone opposed to shooting an live phone screen gave me flexibility on timing of functions and control over the legibility of the phone screen.