Over the past few years, I have been taking portraits of a vast array of subjects. Whether it is waiting for the sun to hit the ideal temperature and position, positioning speedlites or making due with anything that glows, I've learned that a good photos are the right mixture of light, composition and action. My experience ranges from corporate photoshoots to one-off profile pictures and artistic profiles.


When capturing action shots, it is all about timing. With a great deal of practice of taking photos of subjects running, jumping, and climbing to great heights, I have grown confident in my ability to capture the emotion of a subject in action.


I was born into outdoor photography and some of my favorite memories live outdoors. My goal has always been to show what I see and that can be challenging at times. For me, a lot of the magic happens in post when I tweak everything slightly until it matches what I experienced first hand. I never try to remove the paintbrush from mother nature's hand.


I am really drawn to how subjects interact with mysterious landscapes. There is so much opportunity for wonder and interpret when you simply conceal a small part of the story. My goal has always been to leave the viewer with something to think about. I want to give them a puzzle that is stimulating and challenging.