The idea was to create an app that aggregates articles, social media posts and videos to a single, easy to use, location. This was partially created for SEO purposes but to also give quick access to the company's content. The original company's name has been removed from this portfolio due to a strict NDA.


For this project, I designed all facets of the app from mockup to fully usable product. I started by mapping out a user's experience and then mocking up potential layouts from there. From the layouts, I built out interactive prototypes. Once we agreed upon the base layout, I designed the icons, chose the font, and set the standard sizes of all media within the app.


Within the app you can expand and contract articles and easily jump to the original post. You can also see social media action counts. When you visit the original post, you are given the option to perform your own actions on the post.


Whether it was from the company's blog or their Twitter and Facebook channels, the app would constantly fetch recent posts and tile them by post time directly within the app.


By selecting the favorite icon, all content within the app can be easily filed and removed from the favorites page. This is great for content you wish to engage with at a later time.