Made In Mankato


Made In Mankato was a year-long documentary project that focused on telling the story of twelve local businesses in Mankato, Minnesota. Our goal was not to produce a corporate promo video, but to share each entrepreneur's story through video, audio, and photography.


Although the businesses were shot within the same community, each one had its own unique essence that embodied the spirit of its founders. With each shot that I took, I was careful to capture what it felt like to be within the space in both its most quiet and busy moments.


The heart of Made In Mankato is in its subjects and their stories. More often than not, this was the first time that these entrepreneurs were behind the camera. Outside of simply rolling the camera, I also made sure that the subjects felt comfortable and engaged during the interview process.


Capturing each business in action was one of the most fun and challenging parts of the project. Getting the right shots required optimal lighting, focus, distance, and anticipation.
This is one of the twelve documentaries that we created. This is one of my favorite ones in the series because of our connection with the business owners as well as the shots that I captured. The documentary also helped the business secure a TV pilot called Minnesota Salvage which aired on Great American Country.