June is a creative short film that I created for the International Speechless Film Festival. This festival challenges contestants to submit films with no dialogue. All stories have to rely on a mix of imagery, music, and sound effects. When I became aware of the competition, I only had a weekend to film, edit, and submit it for evaluation. 


For this project, I had complete artistic control. I wrote, filmed, directed, edited, and sound mixed this film for the festival. The extremely tight time constraint was both challenging and motivating for creating this short film.


For this work, I wanted to create a atmosphere of isolation, confusion, and dread around my main character. To do this, I built tension between the "familiar" and the "unfamiliar." A false feeling of security with the familiar can further remove people from the outside world, which can intensify isolation and ignorance. Therefore, I chose to contrast the the subject in the safe darkness of their home with the light of the unknown outside always shining in. The light compels and menaces the subject and eventually overtakes them.


To emphasize the feeling of smallness and insignificance of the subject, I alternated between very close intimate shots and wide open shots. When the viewer is up close to the subject, their focus is entirely rested on the subject's emotions and small world. However, when the camera is moved further away, it reveals a bigger picture that the subject is failing to assimilate into or understand.


As most video creators know, sound production is just as crucial as the visuals for designing the atmosphere of a film. Since this short couldn't have any dialogue, the mixture of music and sound effects are more apparent than usual. To create an environment of menace and tension, I focused on slowly constructing and deconstructing layers of sound.