The Grey Ribbon Crusade is an annual 5k race that raises money for research towards brain cancer. The race originated from an attempt to raise funds for our local track coach's cancer treatments. Although he passed away, the race continues in his honor to continue the fight against this disease.


For the Grey Ribbon Crusade, I am responsible for all design-related materials. Every year I create new promotional materials including posters, web assets, social media content, t-shirts, and instructional videos to name a few.


Before and after the race, contestants rely heavily on Grey Ribbon’s website to steer them into the right direction. I designed the website to be mobile-first and responsive. Also, using Square’s services, I built an online payment page for contestants to easily register online.


It is important to stand out amongst the many other events happening in the same city. With this in mind, I give the design a refreshed look each year to entice new participants but also keep the returning runners interested. I also incorporate elements that really speak about the event’s area and cause.


Registering for a race can be confusing with the many fields and steps. I created animated tutorials that walked participants through each registration process step-by-step. This became a very effective measure that ultimately cut back on the number of emails received leading up to the race.