Drake House Rentals is a group of posh vacation rental units run by independent business owners, Cheryl and Don Rusk. The goal was to create a website that users could learn about the rental units, gauge availability, or book a stay.


For the website, I acted as UX designer, photographer, information architect, and brand designer. Since the owners were my direct clients, I also acted as project manager and key communicator on the project's progress and development.


I believe that simplicity is the core of good UX practices. With the homepage, I really wanted to convey only the most essential information - showcase a teaser of the rentals and display easy navigation to learn more about each of the three rentals.


For each rental page, I wanted to offer an intuitive and fluid format. I created the following formula:

1. Clear header with the name
2. Description of the room
3. Amenities
4. Clear CTAs
5. Gallery of supporting imagery for the rental


The ultimate goal of Drake House is to have as many people convert as possible. To help users reach this conclusion, I peppered CTAs to "Reserve" throughout the website. This ultimately leads to a very clear page that offers the user information about availability and reservations.
You can check out the final product at