Since I am under a strict NDA, I cannot disclose all of the details regarding the strategy or end-use of these projects. However, I want to share my experience working with motion graphics and things that I take into consideration when I create animations for clients.


For these projects, I single-handedly created all of the animations from the ground up. Usually these projects begin with a department contacting me for a need for motion graphics. Using a script that I have them write, I coordinate the audio recording and create a storyboard for communicating the video's main ideas. For these projects, I designed the vector graphics, mixed the audio, and animated every element within the videos.


For these videos, a lot of the content relied heavily on creating interesting visuals for a lot of heavy data. It required striking a balance between being interesting but also accurate. To do so, I tried using imagery to describe the data whenever possible.


Since many of these videos move quickly between topics, it was important to have fluid transitions that were both engaging but not too distracting. I tried to make sure that everything flowed as smoothly as the speaker did when shifting between subjects.


In some cases, I think that graphics are more helpful than words in describing ideas. To prevent the viewer from becoming bored or confused during these quantitative videos, I incorporated graphics whenever I could into the videos.